Great Fuck Gensoukyou Jikanteishi Club – Touhou Project

Great Fuck Gensoukyou Jikanteishi Club - Touhou Project

As Melissa gets in position laurien smiles happy to lick her she got to work with her tongue enjoying the taste of Melissa ” you see Lisa ? I got a daily income and that amount will only grow from now on what do you think ? Do you want to bath in luxury?  ” James asks her as she looks around at the slaves ” y-yeah I think I can get used to this ” she says and looks in James eyes ” how do we start ? ” she asks as James laughs” easy you are my wife you don't need those clothes ” he says as she smiles and strips for him while James watched her he was realizing that he didn't have to change her mind completely a part of her wanted to be his wife and mistress of slaves

” all done ” she says as James looks at her body she was perfect a tight round ass  shaven pussy,  long brown hair that came to her back , tits that he could play with for years and eyes that made his heart melt ” you look perfect Lisa what do you want first ? A tour of the house ? Kiss your new husband ? Watch the slaves pleasure each other ? ” he asked her as she smiles and walks over to him and starts to kiss him her Lips tasted like strawberry and he loved it they kissed for 3 minutes or so till they stopped their slaves looking at them ” now let's get that tour love ” she said as she stand up

They first started in the kitchen ” this is the kitchen you will never have to cook my mother is the kitchen slave she will provide us with food ” he said as his mom nodded at Lisa and moved on to upstairs to his room and his sisters room ” these rooms are for the slaves when we are not enjoying ourselves with them they will sleep here ” he said as she explored the room a little ” and where will we sleep ? ” she asked confused as they went to his mother's bedroom ” this is our room we shall sleep here together and if we feel like it we pound a slave together ” he said as he kisses her on the forehead ” do you like it we can move to a bigger house soon if the slaves made enough money ” he said as Lisa raps herself around him ” it's perfect James ” she said as she walks over and sits on the bed ” but first I have to get in the mood for sex I want you to fuck my best friend Melissa infront of me ” she said giggling. He looked at Brian and grabbed a plate of breakfast and sit next to him ” Here you need to eat ” he said as he handed him the plate and started to eat ” I want you to clean the house and put new sheets on the bed they are filled with cum stains ” he said as Brian nodded silently ” any questions?  ” he asked as Brian looked at him ” why do you do all this ?” He asked as James laughed “you have guts Brian I respect that in a man ” he said as he smilled at him ” my mom and sister treated me like trash for years now they are my toys I finally have my revenge ” he said smiling

” and my daughter ? Why do you need Laura as a slave ? ” he asked humbly ” easy I needed a cherry I could destroy it made me feel powerful like I am she will be happy as my slave and as a mother ” he said smiling at him ” I hope you don't get mad about that ? She was ready for me I didn't even had to make her wet she got wet from her self ” he said looking at Brian as he finished his breakfast and nodded “okay.

Hentai: (Reitaisai 12) [Nyuu Koubou (Nyuu)] Gensoukyou Jikanteishi club (Touhou Project)

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(例大祭12) [にゅう工房 (にゅう)]幻想郷時姦停止club(東方Project)

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